Our projects aim to educate, entertain and engage

Who is Tom Dodge?

I am a passionate entrepreneur who recognizes the potential of media to educate, entertain and engage. As new technologies continue to develop and allow individuals to connect and communicate efficiently like no other period in our history, the importance of video has risen astronomically. Thus, I strive to gather passionate teams together to collaborate and produce video projects that promote innovative ideas and push humanity forward.

What's Our Process?

NewView.Media provides video services to entrepreneurial causes in the Greater Boston area and beyond. Beginning with the critical preproduction phase, to executing shoots and through each editing iteration, we aim to guide our clients through every step of the video production process. We’ve written, filmed and edited videos to tell stories for company overview videos, client testimonial campaigns, event recaps, animations, instructional videos, gubernatorial video campaigns, and crowdfunding campaigns that have raised over $4.5 million.

We understand every project requires a different strategy to engage your target audience. Here are some packages we offer, but we're always happy to sit down and discuss a plan of attack together. Once we believe in your cause, nevermind the obstacles.

What do our client say about us?

Evren Gundez President & Co-Founder, Enjoy Life Education Inc.
NewView.Media is all about delivering exactly what their clients want and beyond. Their high-achieving, creative, and passionate approach to telling your company's story trough video always exceeds expectations, is on time, and they perform for your company as if your project is the most important video they've ever put together.
Bobbie Carlton Founder, Innovation Nights, Innovation Women & Carlton PR & Marketing
When you are running an event like Mass Innovation Nights, you need someone like New View Media to capture it. Tom and his team know how to work the room and get the best shots, and then assemble a true story.
Dr. Nizar Taki, MD Founder, Chronability
I worked closely with Tom and NewView.Media to create the promotional video for my time-management app; and I highly recommend them. I had direct input on EVERY aspect of the process, and the outcome was on par with the highest quality studio-produced work. Astoundingly, we produced an incredible video in only 6 days of filming while working around my busy unpredictable surgical residency schedule.

Why did we start this venture?

In today's fast paced world, every frame matters as viewers have an overload of content competing for their attention. With new technologies, the barriers to create video content has decreased. However, the importance of telling stories that advance humanity has never been greater. Through the medium of video, we intend to educate, entertain and encourage action.

What's with the questions?

In our opinion, the role of media is to advance public discussion. Unfortunately, the current media landscape inconsistently stimulates an intellectual forum that leads to action towards socially responsible causes. NewView.Media strives on producing video content that allows others to understand different perspectives.

Where are we located?

NewView.Media HQ is located in the Cambridge Innovation Center’s 50 Milk Street building, where we are surrounded by a world class and award-winning entrepreneurial community. We welcome collaborators to swing by our space for ideation sessions, filming content or to discuss your video strategy.

Let’s Collaborate?